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what c02 gas and who should i go through?

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4 months 4 weeks ago #4708 by ozdevil1
gday all

as it has been years since i last brewed a beer, well not really just brewed my 1st beer last weekend since getting the brewing bug back

now what co2 gas should get and to where

i dont want to be travelling huge distances to get refills , but i am prepared to travel a bit.

i understand there is alot more co2 prodeucts for brewing now then there was 1--15 years ago

i know it has to be food grade , i am not looking at getting into nitrogen or pouring great stouts just yet

i just dont want to be purchasing the incorrect gas

cheers and beers

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  • Gash
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4 months 4 weeks ago #4710 by Gash
I've only ever gone through brew shops, kegland or keg king, or can be bought instore at LHBS usually, the swap and go thing is easy and you have a bottle for ever, no testing fees or buying new bottles, I do know some go through ummm the big chain gas suppliers, I dont remember the name probably BOC or Supagas
.. These days I have a couple , a spare is always good, but can be expensive to buy 2,.
Cheers mate

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Drunken Ramblings

BeerRay1986 - Sat 21 Nov - 12:44

Hi all does anyone had a set amount of priming sugar they use to bottling? i use online calculators and its always under carbed!!! cheers guys

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Thu 29 Oct - 12:27

Great brew day today. The over night mash is really working well. Cheers everyone

ozdevil1 - Mon 21 Sep - 14:46

this could be dangerous my druken ramblings might not make sense ...didnt even this fuction was here

Carrobrew's Avatar Carrobrew - Thu 17 Sep - 13:44


Gash - Tue 11 Aug - 23:34

Sometimes yes lol

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