1.7kg Coopers Stout

1.5kg Liquid Dark Malt Extract* (see bottom of post)

200g Chocolate Malt (Grain)

100g Raw Cacao Powder** (see bottom of post)

Vanilla Beans



Steep Chocolate Malt in 2L of water overnight in the fridge

Strain the grain and rinse with 1L of hot water (below 80c)

Boil resulting 'tea' for 5 minutes

Add Cacao and split Vanilla bean and boil for a further 10mins

Empty all into fermenter 

Top with cold water to 19L 

Pitch yeast at 19c

Soak two more Vanilla Beans in Vodka for a few days

After 5 days of fermenting you can either rack the beer into a secondary and add the Vodka soaked Vanilla Beans or can just add the Vodka and Vanilla Beans to the Primary for the rest of fermentation.

Should be finished fermenting in around 10 days total.

Bottle or Keg as usual.


* The Dark Malt Extract can be substituted with 1.2kg of any dried malt (dark/light etc)

** The Cacao powder can be substituted with Cocoa or Chocolate Essence (See Video in Forum Stout Category)