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Palisade hop

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6 years 9 months ago #114 by Pebbbles
Palisade hop was created by Pebbbles
Palisade walks the line between bittering and aroma. It has a soft, clean finish with characteristics similar to Willamette.

Palisade is an aroma type cultivar bred by Yakima Chief ranches

Brewing quality:
Used for its aromatic properties & moderate bittering.

Alpha acids: 5.5 – 9.5%
Alpha:Beta ratio: 1.0
Beta acids: 6.0 – 8.0%
Cohumulone: 24 – 29% (% of alpha acid)
Total oil: 1.4 – 1.6 (mls. Of oil per 100gm)
Mycrene: 9 – 10% (as % of total oils)
Caryophyllene: 16 – 18% (as % of total oils)
Humulene: 19 – 22% (as % of total oils)
Farnesene: 0% (as % of total oils)
Storage: Good

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Drunken Ramblings

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Thu 11 Jul - 14:09

Just finished a good brew day, brewing an English Bitter or maybe it s a pale. Did a starter seemed to go well. But my picnic tap on my keg snapped so had to use a pair of plyers to pour. Nice n foamy :D

Gash - Sun 7 Jul - 09:45

Think you'll find the others will be like the grainfather app if they are set up correctly.

Keg - Thu 4 Jul - 20:15

Hi everyone, just wondering why the likes of BS, Brewfather ect specify a lower strike water volume than the sparge volume? The only one that does not is the Grainfather app.

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Thu 20 Jun - 12:38

Very cold brew day in the shed. The fog is down to about 3 feet. ha. :O

Kegga - Sat 15 Jun - 22:23

Thanks drewtech ?

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