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Holgate Mount Macedon Pale Ale Clone

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8 years 6 months ago #781 by m3taL_Brewer
Holgate Mount Macedon Pale Ale Clone was created by m3taL_Brewer
Righto, Went to the Park hotel tonight going to try and reaffiliate my love with lighter colored fruity beers, Lets say it was a Field trip to find new beers to brew.

I really liked the Holgate Mount Macedon Pale ale, So i got onto their website and found this (

So from what they say "4.5% AV / OG 1.042 / IBU 26.5 / EBC 10"

Iv come up with this

m3tal Brew Haus Recipe
Brew Haus Eff: 81%
Mash Style: Medium Body, Mashout, Batch Sparge
Batch Size: 25L

OG: 1042
EBC: 10.6
IBU: 26.8
FG: 1008
ABV: 4.7 (Bottle Carbed @ 2.4vols)


4300 Grams - Joe White / MaltCraft Vienna Malt (6-10ebc)
100 Grams - Joe White / MaltCraft CaraMalt (50ebc)

Hop Schedule

@60 Mins - 15g Nelson Sauvin (12.0%AA, 13.5 IBU)

@15 Mins - 8g Nelson Sauvin (12.0%AA, 5.4 IBU)
- 8g Amarillo Gold (8.5%AA, 3.8IBU)

@5 Mins - 10g Citra (12.0%AA, 2.7 IBU)
- 8g Amarillo Gold (8.5%AA, 1.5 IBU)

Dry Hop: for 3 Days after Fermentation has slowed
- 5g Amarillo (8.5%AA)
- 5g Citra (12.0%AA)

Mash: @ 65c for 60 Mins
Mash out: @ 74c for 10 mins
Batch Sparge: at 74c

Yeast: Safale S-04 Dried English Yeast....

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6 years 10 months ago #1629 by m3taL_Brewer
Replied by m3taL_Brewer on topic Holgate Mount Macedon Pale Ale Clone
Giving this one another run this weekend on the system!!!! done it a few months ago but was a trial run on the new herms system and didnt turn out too well... hoping this time will be spot on again like my first brew of it

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Drunken Ramblings

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Wed 13 Oct - 15:17

Hope you are all staying safe and brewing hard out. If your in the south ,its hop growing time so treat them with some worm juice and manure. Cheers

Finnroo's Avatar Finnroo - Sat 18 Sep - 15:56

Nice Skid, haha enjoy your brew Trev. lol.

SkidBaxter's Avatar SkidBaxter - Thu 16 Sep - 13:57

Bottled up a milk stout today, then brewed a pale ale "Sailing the C of Three Ale." Enjoying a Goat Scrotum Porter now (see Charlie Papazian/Complete Joy of Homebrewing) and feeling the effects! lol

Cooper - Thu 26 Aug - 18:37

I am looking for the Brewzilla 35l profile to set up my Brewfather equipment setting correctly. Can someone point me in the right direction

SkidBaxter's Avatar SkidBaxter - Thu 5 Aug - 15:05

Packaged up a simple ale today with Idaho-7 and finished with Michigan Copper. Tasty!

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